‘Thomas Henry Explores The World’ Thomas Henry US Market Launch

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Client: Thomas Henry
Task: Bring Thomas Henry across the Atlantic
Project: Thomas Henry Market Launch USA
Service: Distributor setup, team setup, event activation, social media
Category: Strategy
Website: thomas-henry.com

When we were approached by the iconic cocktail mixer brand Thomas Henry to launch in the US, we were thrilled and got to work.

Disrupting bar culture. One drink at a time.

The big question from the beginning was: how do you bring this amazing brand from Berlin to a market that’s oversaturated, spoiled, and constantly changing? How can we disrupt the bar culture?

We put together a team that took care of everything from A to Z, from sales, to brand trainings, to event activation, to social media, to distributor negotiations.

The key: have bartenders experience the brand. Booze filled late nights in bars across the city or long flights over the Atlantic to the home of the brand - we did it all. Once they were convinced, the rest is will fall into place.

Once we conquered New York City and built great on-trade relationships, it was time to hit the rest of the country. One by one, new states are being unlocked every day. Can’t forget, unlocking the U.S. is like unlocking 50 different countries.

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