Selters Mineral Water

Client: Selters
Project: Selters Brand Development
Task: Unearthing the Source Of Water
Service: Brand Manual, Claim Development, Key Visual Development
Category: StrategyCommunication

The Legend Of Mineral Water.

If there is an older brand than Selters, we haven’t heard of it – or of anyone who has. Far from its German birthplace, it still remains present in everyday language as ‘Seltzer water’ or even Alka-Seltzer.

Selters Mineral Water

Selters Mineral Water advert EN
Selters Mineral Water advert RU

But the grand old brand has been slumbering. To revitalise Selters, we developed ‚The Source’ - a declaration that Selters has been and will be the fountainhead of the mineral water industry. Over 2000 years after seeing the light of day, Selters is getting ready to refresh the world.

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