‘From Dortmund With Love’ DAB Brand Re-Design

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Client: DAB
Task: Get DAB ready for the next decade.
Project: DAB Brand Re-Design
Service: International Brand Re-Design
Category: Branding, Communication
Website: dab-beer.com

DAB has seen it all. As the origin of modern beer, DAB was once the top dog in the European beer capital. After a few decades, the brand was a bit long in the tooth. Our task: make the blueprint of modern beer look modern again.

How do you bring a brand up to speed that has been successful across the world for a long time? It was time for an evolution.

When we were tasked to tweak the existing DAB design, we knew it wasn’t an easy feat. Even though there weren’t many design elements in the archives that we could use, we quickly understood the importance of the D A B.

First order of business: get the brand ready for the next decade and beyond. Drop shadows, color schemes, fonts: modernized, streamlined, and optimised.

DAB plays in a competitive environment, that’s why we made sure that the brand and messaging is easy to decode and stands out.

The result? A modern love brand that won’t scare away existing consumers but attract a new generation of DAB lovers to tell their own stories about the brand.

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