Radeberger Gruppe Brewmasters

Client: Deutsches Bier
Task: Brand Development, Corporate Identity Development, Key Visual Development, Campaign Development, Print Campaign, Website, Social Media
Service: Strategy, Branding, Communication
Website: deutschesbier.com

Pioneering Taste Since 1516

There’s nothing more German than German beer. We developed an umbrella brand to showcase the rich diversity of Germany’s biggest gift to the world: beer. We also launched a campaign to let the men behind the beer tell their story and spread their passion for their craft.

Radeberger Gruppe Brewmasters

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The men behind the beer tend to eschew the spotlight, even though many of them have fascinating backgrounds and descend from long lineages of brewers and craftsmen. To celebrate the 500-year anniversary of the Reinheitsgebot - the German Beer Law declaring that only hops, malt, water, and yeast may be used to brew beer - we chose to let eight brewmasters tell their stories in their own words.



Deutsches Bier Celebration Guide

With the Braumeister campaign, we gave a face to some of the world’s best-loved beers. Each brewmaster was photographed and interviewed in a personalized context to tell their stories and share their passion for their craft. We took all of this, put in on a website, printed a B2B celebration guide and ran print and online ads in trade publications. And as a special treat, we asked one of the brewmaster to take a break from his busy brewery life to tap some celebratory kegs in accounts all over the US.

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Radeberg Gruppe Deutsches Bier

Deutsches Bier was the first step to developing a strong umbrella brand that incorporates some of Germany's finest beers. We couldn't think of a better way to become the ambassador of German beer culture. Prost!

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